Artworks photography

Artworks photography


The photographic reproduction of works of art demands the highest fidelity of color, so I have been concerned with working with an active color management that allows greater colorimetric precision as well as having a wide gamut and dynamic range in the digital image.



Optimazed workflow for artworks digital photography


  • Camera calibration through an ICC profile created from IT8.7 chart


  • Revealing RAW files with the developed profile and linear response curve in Capture One


  • Uniform illumination with constant color temperature


  • Calibrated monitor with wide gamut (96% AdobeRGB and 98% sRGB)


  • Using Colorcheker and Kodak Gray Scale charts as a reference for CMYK conversions


This workflow allows me to exceed the most demanding reproduction standards such as the American FADGI or Metamorfoze digital quality control standards used among other institutions by the photography department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.





Applications of digital reproduction of works of art


All this process results in a digital reproduction of the highest quality, which can be used by individuals, artists, art galleries and institutions both for its documentation and for its later use in catalogs and publications. Also in the case that a reliable proof of the state of conservation of a work of art or Cultural Property is needed.





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