About me

"Photography allows, within limits, to order the chaos that we have before the eyes."
Gabriele Basilico



My name is Jose Chas and I was born in Pontevedra one morning in September 1976. If photography is part of my life since I was a child, I owe it to my father. At home we had a SLR camera and a small enlarger, as well as an encyclopedia of photography that I consulted practically every day. I still have one of the first photographs revealed by my father at home: I appear with 4 years "reading" in bed. And although my first camera gave it to me at age 12, it was not until 16 when my father entrusted me with his old reflex to document my end-of-course trip to Italy. And I fell in love. It would take me several more years to get my own SLR camera (a Pentax P30T I still have), but from that moment on I was clear that I wanted to dedicate my life to photography.

My years of study at the Faculty of Fine Arts made me passionate about ruin and industrial heritage so at the end of the career I went to Barcelona to take a specialization course in architectural photography at the IEFC. Barcelona taught me a lot of photography and I had the opportunity to meet people who allowed me to grow and evolve as a professional. After three intense years there I decided that it was time to return to Galicia to finish my projects and dedicate myself professionally to photography.

In my work, I try to understand what your needs are and what kind of image you want. And I do it through dialogue and the sharing of all the details of the project. For example through the visualization of the infographics, the plans or previous images that you have already realized. Visiting the work site to see which is the best light available. Or just sharing a coffee with you so that you can reveal the details of the work.

All this with a single purpose: to discover how the photograph you have in mind and to make it come true.

Well, this is my story, what's yours?



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